Small Claim and Workers Compensation Mediation Programs

USA&M is pleased to announce our two new mediation programs. These programs are tailor-made for smaller cases and Workers Compensation matters.

Common Attributes:
1. All cases are based on a two hour flat rate. USA&M will not charge an administrative fee in connection with these cases. The flat rate will be $450.00 per party for the first two hours. Each additional hour will be billed at $175.00 per party.
2. All cases will begin at 1:30 p.m.
3. It is anticipated that the cases will be completed within a two hour time frame.
4. Each party must keep their pre-mediation briefing to less than three (3) pages, as preparation time exceeding fifteen (15) minutes will be applied to the two hour time limitation.
5. Both Programs are limited to two (2) party cases.
6. A limited number of mediators are available for these programs. A list of mediators participating in each program is available upon request.
7. Both programs are effective immediately.
8. Payment must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the mediation or the case will automatically be cancelled.

Please contact any member of our staff to participate in either program.

NOTE: Nothing contained herein is intended to give legal advice. Individuals should always consult with an attorney before entering into a contract.

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