List of Free HUD Certified Foreclosure Counselors in the St. Louis Region
(Information Provided by the St. Louis Foreclosure Task Force)

Homeowners are not required to contact a housing counselor or bring a counselor to St. Louis County Foreclosure Mediation Program. However the Counselors would like to make you aware of housing counseling resources in the area. A recent report by University of Missouri St. Louis’ Public Policy Research Center concluded that families facing foreclosure who received foreclosure counseling were 60-78 percent more likely to avoid foreclosure than those who did not receive counseling. A housing counselor can help a homeowner review options and help communicate with the lender about options. In the case where the loss of a home may be unavoidable, housing counselors can help that family cope and consider ways to gracefully exit their home with the least amount of damage to credit and quality of life.

If you so choose to request the assistance of a counselor, below is a free, alphabetized list of HUD Certified foreclosure counselors that may be able to assist you in mediation. Please note: there is limited capacity for housing counselors in the region. If you already have a housing counselor, please keep and contact the existing counselor you are already working with. Thank you.

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1. Better Family Life Inc.
Housing and Asset Development
5535 Delmar Blvd Suite 2100
St Louis, MO 63112
1 full time and 1 part time counselor
Contact: Ava Smith, Compliance Officer

2. Beyond Housing
4156 Manchester
St Louis, MO 63110
4 full time counselors
1 Department and 1 Counselor coordinator
Contact: Evette Baker
314-533-0600 x22

4. Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis
935 Vandeventer
St. Louis, MO 63108
Contact: LaVitta Shelton
(314) 615-3644
1 full time counselor

8960 Jennings Station Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63136
Contact: Randen Click
1 full time counselor

3. Catholic Charities Community Services
(Formerly Housing Resource Center)
800 North Tucker Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63101
2 full time counselors
Referrals and intake taken through hotline:
Hotline open until 8:00 pm Mon-Fri

NOTE: Nothing contained herein is intended to give legal advice. Individuals should always consult with an attorney before entering into a contract.

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