Selecting Cases to Send to Mediation

Mediation works because it

Does the case have any of the following characteristics?

If any of the the following characteristics apply, you should consider submitting a case to mediation:

We obtain the parties’ Agreement to Mediate as well as provide the mediator, schedule the mediation and provide the venue. You may submit a case on-line or call and we will take the information over the telephone. After receiving the case information, we will then solicit the other parties’ agreement to mediation. We structure our process to facilitate closing files, not to increase your work load. You do not have to get the other parties to agree before sending the case, and we do not require any pleadings, briefs or position papers at or before obtaining the other parties' consent to the mediation.

NOTE: Nothing contained herein is intended to give legal advice. Individuals should always consult with an attorney before entering into a contract.

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